True Calling.


February 4, 2010

First came a fruit stand then fruit salad delivery to Capitol Hill. Nat Noone built a career selling fruit and fruit juice, but he was hooked on diet soda. A decade later, he’s challenging the beverage industry with a natural fruit soda that’s low in calories and politely caffeinated. For most of us, Noonetime Natural’s Fruit Soda is a refreshing change. For Nat Noone, it’s destiny.

Nat Noone, CEO, Owner

Nat Noone President, Founder + Leader of the Natural Fruit Soda World

Call it charisma. It’s something you’re born with. When Nat opened his first business at 16 everyone – local blue hairs and cops alike – stopped buying apples and oranges at the grocery and flocked to Fat Fruit, Nat’s fruit stand. When the founder of Fresh Samantha recruited Nat from BU’s School of Management no one blinked. When he was with Odwalla and promoted 13 times in as many years no one was surprised. His friends were delighted, and, well, his enemies – gotta love ‘em. His current operations manager puts it simply: “I said yes to Nat because I’ve worked with Nat before. He’s a natural born leader, somebody I want to follow.”

Previous Incarnations
Director of National Sales for Coca Cola/Odwalla; Atlanta, Georgia; 2007-2009
Director of Sales for Odwalla; Northern California; 2005-2007
Director of Sales for Odwalla; Midwest Region; 2004-2005
Director of Sales for Odwalla; Mid Atlantic Region; 2000-2004
Fruit Stand Co-Owner/Operator, Fat Fruit; D.C. Area; High School

Favorite Fruit
Kiwi – because it’s fuzzy (like my balding head), fragile (like my emotions) and sweet on the inside (all right, I am a tool)

Wish for the World
Happiness all around

Favorite Noonetime Natural Flavor
Cucumber (undeniably awesome)

Mark Michaud, Director of Operations

Mark Michaud Director of Operations + Bill Belichick-esk

Mark got his start running a route out of Boston. His first route was the state of New Hampshire – yes the entire state. Even after many 12 hour days he would be fired up and ready for more. That same positive energy and determination got him promoted seven times in eleven years. Asked if he’s surprised to suddenly find himself working 15 hours a day for Noonetime Naturals, “More like ecstatic. The four or five months Nat was living in his creative cave I was not-so-patiently waiting for the call.” That’s Mark – a strategist, mythically wise, and wicked smaht.

Previous Incarnations
District Sales Manager for Odwalla; Berkeley, California; 2005-2010
District Manager for Odwalla; Chicago, Illinois; 2004-2005
District Manager for Fresh Samantha; Boston, Massachusetts; 2002-2004

Favorite Fruit
Nat Noone

Wish for the World
Noonetime Naturals for all!

Favorite Noonetime Natural Flavor
Cucumber and Mango

Regional Sales and Operations Manager, Southwest + Energizer Bunny

Czar Daniolco Regional Sales and Operations Manager, Southwest + Energizer Bunny

It’s hard to keep up with Czar. Born in the Philippines, his family moved to Orange County, California when he was five. “Once I learned to speak English I never stopped talking.” Czar’s always on a roll, not just out-talking but out-thinking, outselling, outlasting almost everyone. He’s turned scores of people onto juice, onto their jobs, onto his exclusive tea blends, onto life. Nat Noone appreciates Czar’s energy and entrepreneurial zeal [and visa versa], which is why the bunny from Manila eschewed the easy path up and came on board with Noonetime.

Previous Incarnations
Account Manager Natural Channel/West Coast for Odwalla; 2009 – 2010
District Sales Manager for Odwalla; Orange County, California; 2004 – 2009
Route Sales Representative for Odwalla; Southern California ; 2003 – 2004
Sole Proprietor of Czar’s Tea Leaf; Orange County, California; 2000 – 2004

Favorite Fruit
Mango. Tropical is the deal. Super sweet Manila mangoes are the ones.

Wish for the World
For everyone to have hope, however they define it.

Favorite Noonetime Natural Flavor
Mango, of course.

National Account Manager + Pacesetter

Mia Medina National Account Manager + Pacesetter

Growing up at the foot of Mt. Tamalpais, running single track trails and back roads, Mia’s competed in eight half marathons and, no matter what, she always finds time for her daily “little” head-clearing five-mile sprint and for her two kids. Dynamic? An understatement. Because when it comes to sales, Mia sets the pace for everybody. NORCAL, SOCAL, managing national outdoor retailers or hitting her stride at a natural juice company, the woman’s made fans all across the country. Buyers can’t say enough good about her. Honestly, it’s like they can’t buy enough goods from her.

Previous Incarnations
National Account Manager for Odwalla; 2009 – 2010
Key Account Manager for Odwalla 2008 – 2009
Business Development Manager for Odwalla; Southern California; 2006 – 2008
Account Manager for Natural Specialty Sales; Southern California; 2004 – 2006

Favorite Fruit
In light of my quest for the perfect tropical beach and never-ending vacation life: mango.

Wish for the World
No unhappy babies. No orphans!

Favorite Noonetime Natural Flavor
Blueberry, absolutely.

Tim Whittier, Regional Sales & Operations Manager, N. California & Nevada

Tim Whittier Regional Sales & Operations Manager, N. California & Nevada, + Commando

Q: What will you do at Noonetime Naturals?
A: Conquer the world. (What’s in that damn fruit soda?)

Q: So your very first job was for a newspaper where you oversaw 20 paperboys and 10 adults. Your favorite part of that job?
A: Firing a dastardly ten-year-old.

Q: What do you keep in the frig at home?
A: My Boston terrier, Tessie. (Must have misunderstood.)

Q: Why did you say yes to Nat Noone?
A: He’s insane. I love the man.

Previous Incarnations
District Manager Sales Manager for Odwalla, N. Nevada, Lake Tahoe; 2005 – 2010
Route Sales Representative for Fresh Samantha/Odwalla; New York City to Oahu; 1999 – 2005
District Sales Manager, The Capital Newspaper; Annapolis, Maryland; 1996-1997

Favorite Fruit

Wish for the World
That everyone in the world that could would buy a lifetime supply of Noonetime Naturals.

Favorite Noonetime Natural Flavor

National Account Manager + Tour de Force

Sean Kallaway National Account Manager + Tour de Force

A bike-aholic, Sean’s ideal sales call includes riding up on his KHS 1000, pulling a cooler full of beverage samples. Powerfully organic, that’s Sean. With a degree in business sustainability from New College of California, he’s living the green life in Forestville, California, driving a Prius, drinking homemade Kombucha. The man can out tree-hug Al Gore, especially when it comes to redwoods. Sean knows those old growth forests – a regular Julian Butterfly. Sean’s all over offsetting Noonetime’s footprint, envisions biodiesel for starters. Right down to his soul patch, this guy’s the real deal.

Previous Incarnations
Regional Key Account Manager for Odwalla; Northern California; 2004 – 2010
District Sales Manager for Odwalla; Northern California; 2001- – 2004
Route Salesperson for Odwalla; Northern California; 1999 – 2001

Favorite Fruit
Banana. Loves midnight snacks of banana and organic peanut butter.

Wish for the World
That we solve the food distribution problem so everyone has access to clean water and nutritious whole food. Wishes that every child went to bed with food in his stomach.

Favorite Noonetime Natural Flavor
Cool, clean, refreshing cucumber.

Jesse Bush, Operations Manager

Jesse Bush Operations Manager + California Dude

A business admin major who later took the Frank Covey Training – that’s Jesse, effective, professional. Words like profitable and streamlined pepper his resume. But Jesse is a contradiction. Folks sense the California dude just below the surface – the Jesse who grew up snowboarding the Sierras, the guy learning to play blues guitar in surf-city Santa Cruz and drinking handcrafted local microbrews. Which is why with very little face-time Jesse is so good at making fans for Noonetime.

Previous Incarnations
Operations Manager for Odwalla; Santa Cruz, California; 2007-2010
Operations Assistant and District Manager for Odwalla; Reno-Tahoe, Nevada; 2005 – 2007
Pre-Sales Rep for Pepsi; Reno-Tahoe; 2002-2005

Favorite Fruit
The super fruits like Goji berry – wellness to everybody!

Wish for the World
Happiness. If everyone found happiness, we’d all be happy together.

Favorite Noonetime Natural Flavor
Cucumber [funky good flavor]

Clint Goodson, District Sales Manager, N. California

Clint Goodson District Sales Manager, N. California + Saw Sharpener

Clint’s just moved to the country. He put in a garden with his little girls; swapped the bass guitar for the mandolin; took up golf – says he finds the slower pace rejuvenating. DON’T BE FOOLED. As a sales rep, Clint grew his route ten percent every year. While a district manager, his distribution center was always among the country’s top performers. This Sacramento native practices all seven habits of highly effective people, including #7: Sharpen the Saw – the habit of self-renewal.

Previous Incarnations
District Manager for Coca Cola North America/Odwalla; Sacramento, California; 2007 – 2010
Business Development Manager for Odwalla; Sacramento, California; 1994 – 2005
Route Sales Representative for Odwalla; Sacramento, California; 2003-2006

Favorite Fruit

Wish for the World
Tolerance – because that’s what’s not going on in this world.

Favorite Noonetime Natural Flavor

Brian Smith, Area Sales Manager NorCal + Thrill Seeker

Brian Smith Area Sales Manager N. California + Thrill Seeker

Brian asked his wife to marry him while they were riding a roller coaster 15 years ago. There have been plenty of ups and downs, not to mention a couple of loops ;-) He is still excited to wake up everyday and put on his seat belt to find out what’s around the curve ahead. Brian’s career timeline grows in stability with each job. His 1st job he scooped ice cream for 3 years, he went on to work for Pepsi for 6 years, then Odwalla for 9 years. If our math is correct, we’d say Nat’s got him on the hook for the next 12 years. We hope Nat didn’t have a big lunch, because this ride is not going to slow down anytime soon…

Previous Incarnations
Roller coasters don’t have rear view mirrors for a reason. The experience is there, I have moved on and I don’t look back.

Favorite Fruit
Honeydew Melons.

Wish for the World
Trees. We cut them down faster than they can grow…

Favorite Noonetime Natural Flavor
30mg Caffeine, any more and I lose my politeness.

Area Sales Manager, Northern California + Man of Principle

Kevin McDowell Area Sales Manager, Northern California + Man of Principle

Even as a kid, working for a Lucky market in the 1980s, Kevin had a knack for analyzing situations and turning them around. And during his long, impressive stint in the natural juice industry, he did so repeatedly. An influential speaker and presenter, it’s more than a talent for analysis or even his sales acumen that distinguishes Kevin. It’s his business principles. Treat your people well, insists Kevin, and the money will follow. An ardent traveler, Kevin’s seen that truth play out worldwide. It’s one good reason why he’s on board. “I have 100 percent confidence in Noonetime because Nat cares about people.”

Previous Incarnations
Pre-Arranged Funeral Salesman for the Neptune Society; Belmont, California; 2009
Area Sales and Operations Manager for Odwalla; San Jose, California; 1998 – 2008

Favorite Fruit
Cantaloupe, he says, having just returned from Florence, Italy where the melon apparently rules.

Wish for the World
Kevin would like to buy the world a Noonetime Natural.

Favorite Noonetime Natural Flavor

Area Sales Manager, Southern California + Hoodoo Priest

Aaron Laplante Area Sales Manager, Southern California + Hoodoo Priest

Beware of looking into Aaron’s eyes, or into his camera. Could be how he gets his power over people. How else does a kid delivering pizza get hired by a major natural foods company then turn his turf into gold while his doppelganger indulges a talent for photography? It’s possible the Hawaii-born, California-raised kahuna is simply a hard worker, reliable, dedicated, great with people and good at Photoshop. One thing’s for sure: Aaron’s got his mojo working. These days he’s documenting the rise of Noonetime Naturals while performing his sales magic all over San Diego.

Previous Incarnations
Senior Route Sales Representative for Odwalla; Anaheim, California; 2003 – 2010
Wedding Photographer for Elegant Photography; San Clemente, California; 1999 – 2009
Barista for Starbucks; San Clemente, California; 1997 – 1999

Favorite Fruit
Pineapple. “You’d never expect something that looks so scary on the outside to taste so delicious.”

Wish for the World
“I wish everyone would just slow down, sit back and enjoy the simple things.”

Favorite Noonetime Natural Flavor

Area Sales Manager, Southern California + Three-Time Winner

Jesse Hernandez Area Sales Manager, Southern California + Three-Time Winner

Up until now, Jesse says, he made two winning moves in his life: moving from Lockford, California, population 2,000, to Costa Mesa and switching industries from construction to catering to juice. It wasn’t that long ago that Jesse laid down his hammer and ladle, but right from the start, he was batting a thousand. Three promotions in one year! Seeing Jesse consistently hit the ball of out the park, Czar, his mentor and coach, asked Jesse to join Noonetime. Sign me up, said Jesse. Now he’s thinking, “With this team, I can do anything.” Stellar move #3.

Previous Incarnations
Operations Assistant for Odwalla; Anaheim, California; 2007 – 2010
Banquet Captain for Harborside Grand Ballroom Restaurant; Newport Beach, California

Favorite Fruit
Tangerines. They’re sweeter than oranges and easier to peel, and since their seasonal, you never get tired of them.

Wish for the World
I’d like to see that people were able to raise animals and farm and get the water they need. Peace would be great, but we have so many nations, there has to be a little conflict here and there.

Favorite Noonetime Natural Flavor

Territory Sales Representative, North Bay + Mr. Natural

Andy Butler Territory Sales Representative, North Bay + Mr. Natural

Andy tells a story about his grandfather walking away from an opportunity with a new company and regretting it until his dying day. That story is part of why this self-proclaimed organic guy, while going with the flow, always goes farther, faster. Head clerk at his hometown supermarket at 18, Andy soon embraced the natural foods universe and trucked on up the hill of success, managing two groceries in Sonoma County where he fueled his passion for healthy living. Thus, after four years moving juice, it was only natural he jump on board with Noonetime Naturals.

Previous Incarnations
Route Sales Representative for Odwalla; Santa Rosa, California; 2006 – 2010
Dairy/Frozen Manager; Oliver’s Market; Cotati, California; 2000 – 2006
Supervisor/Grocery, Food For Thought Natural Foods; Sebastopol, California; 1995 – 1999

Favorite Fruit
Summer fruits: peaches, nectarines and apricots. Andy describes himself, his wife and three little girls as fruit-salad heads.

Wish for the World
That every child has someone who takes care of her that listens to her and loves her.

Favorite Noonetime Natural Flavor
Mango, tangerine, cucumber – love the cucumber. It’s absolutely delicious – like drinking a pickle. I’ve been known to take a few sips from the pickle jar. My wife flavors her potato salad with pickle juice. Love the cucumber.

Area Sales Representative, Greater Los Angeles + Dreamer of Big Dreams

Marcos Pirante Territory Sales Representative, Greater Los Angeles + Dreamer of Big Dreams

What’s on Marcos’s nightstand? Entrepreneur Magazine and Forty-Eight Laws of Power by Robert Green. Marcos likes success stories, likes reading about “some guy turning a 1,200 square-foot office into a world-size business.” He feels you have to take risks. On the other hand, he’s positive people are ready for a natural, lo-cal fruit soda with a little bit of caffeine. Marcos is ready to be part of a big dream, where you’re not just a nametag on a shirt, but part owner. “What we’ll be doing at Noonetime Naturals is going to blow up!”

Previous Incarnations
Owner and Customer Service Representative for Bree & Brooke; Tustin, California; 2005 – 2010
Administrative Assistant for Acheson Appraisal; Orange, California; 2000 – 2005
Merchandiser for Harbor Distribution; Santa Anna, California; 1998 – 2010

Favorite Fruit
Drinks orange juice but fills the glass halfway with water.

Wish for the World
Health! And free rent for everybody.

Favorite Noonetime Natural Flavor
Mango [pause] cucumber!

Territory Sales Representative, Santa Cruz + Dog Whisperer

Patrick Case Territory Sales Representative, Santa Cruz + Dog Whisperer

Patrick’s just moved from Reno to Santa Cruz. His bullmastiff will join him soon. He’s got a way with animals – like that guy on TV – and with people. No matter whether Patrick’s taking care of the big dog of natural food stores, an amusement park or a mom and pop shop, he’ll have them eating out of his hands in no time. “People remember who treated them as more than just a number.” These days he’s whispering in the ears of Noonetime’s customers. “We’re trying it our way,” says Patrick, “giving great customer service, building things through word of mouth.”

Previous Incarnations
Regional Sales Representative for Odwalla; Reno, Nevada; 2008 – 2010
Operations Assistant for Odwalla; Reno Nevada; 2005 – 2008
Customer Service Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma; Las Vegas, Nevada; 2002 – 2005

Favorite Fruit
Pomegranate, which he feels is worth the effort, and Kombucha, though he knows it’s not really a fruit.

Wish for the World
Communication and understanding: “No assumptions!”

Favorite Noonetime Natural Flavor
The citrus stuff.